Services & Features


An open armed community that believes mental health is just as important as physical health.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is innovative, and a powerful companion. We believed in utilizing this innovative technology to assist with monitoring/analytics of mental health.


Monitoring allows for detection of patterns. Therapists and Psychiatrists can utilize BuddyLink to get the right data in treating, diagnosing, and monitoring mental health.

Support Groups

Support groups can be hard to find and extremely resourceful in between appointments with your healthcare provider.

Resource Library

Bundles of resources to educate on all things mental health.

Walkthrough Meditations

A new take on Mindfulness and Meditations.

Professionals and Patients unite

We are bringing data, and people together in BuddyLink

With BuddyLink there are endless possibilities for the Behavioral Health industry. We are not only providing tools and resources for individuals that are beginning their journey or looking to monitor their mental health but, we are providing professionals in the field the tools and platform to interact with their patients, monitor their mental health and more efficiently and effectively have the data to treat and diagnose their patients.

Features for Professionals

Are you a therapist or psychiatrist? this section is for you

Interact with your Patients

Not only can you engage your patients through our private community but you can have realtime video sessions and messaging and monitor your patients in realtime.

Moderate Support Groups

Have you ever wanted to moderate a support group but never had the place to do it? Now you can through BuddyLink. We provide the tools and all you need to do is schedule in advance and invite members from the community.


All your patient notes and discussions with your patients are protected under our system that complies with HIPAA/HITECH.