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We conducted an anonymous survey and we recieved a 92 percent approval rating from the 500 users that took our survey

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60 percent of our platform is built with Custom Machine Learning algorithms. From getting recommendations to improve your mental well being to recommendations on tools and resources to use in your everyday life there is something for everyone on the platform.


We've worked hard to insure that we meet HIPAA compliance.

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We believe when we create a product customized to you and your needs it makes the experience that much better.


"This product can be helpful to people of all ages."

As a student, I feel that I’m always stressed and overwhelmed with the surrounding. A discussion with others can take my mind off things. Even for an elderly, wearable technology can keep track of their health for emergency situations and maintaining their mental health. People with certain disorders, like schizophrenia, can be provided with a support group and professionals to aid them. - Female Age 18 – 25 -

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